As social science students at the University College Roosevelt (UCR), we read a lot of texts about issues and problems in society that we think concern everyone. However, we find that these texts are not accessible to everybody. Sometimes you need special permission to access a text online, but more often you just cannot understand what the writers want to tell you. The language in social science texts is often unnecessarily complicated, because it is aimed at the academic environment. This is a shame. We believe that good ideas should be spread beyond the boundaries of their specific discipline and accessible to everybody who is interested in them.

This website is an initiative to spread these ideas and encourage critical thinking about our lives, our society and our world. Here, you will find our thoughts on various topics inspired by the classes that we take, the authors that we read and the situations that we encounter in our daily lives. Because we believe that everybody’s perspective deserves a space – not just the perspective of academics – we welcome you to share your ideas in the forum section, or to send us your critical thoughts in the form of an essay. They can be on anything that you think deserves attention. Because true learning happens through conversation and experience, not only through reading books.

Our space is your space. Happy critical thinking!


Lisa Deijl

Sanne Raggers

Francisca Ribeiro Bártolo

Irene Pena Abellan

Andrea Roeland

Frederik de Raat

Tess Spronk

Adam Barker-Wyatt

Contact us at ucritical@gmail.com